Some Surfing Spots In Lombok Are Quite Famous

Talking about tourist attractions on the island of Lombok will never end. What to do in Lombok? Because there are so many tourist attractions on the island of Lombok, so that Lombok has always been the most attractive tourist destination. Starting from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the sea you will find a variety of attractions that spoil the eyes of its pristine natural beauty.

Talking about the beaches in Lombok certainly do not need to be explained anymore, the beaches in Lombok are already well-known in the archipelago even famous to foreign countries.

On the beach not only enjoy the beauty of its beaches or underwater, but you can also try surfing on the beach Lombok. Because the waves on the beach in Lombok are not too large so it is suitable for beginners who are just learning, even some of the famous surfing spots in Lombok to foreign countries.

There are many surfers who deliberately come to the island of Lombok, to enjoy surfing in some charming beaches that are suitable for surfing. But there are also many foreign surfers who choose Lombok as a suitable surfing spot. Because the place is fairly challenging for surfers.

Some surfing spots in Lombok are quite famous
Beach with big enough waves become the beach chosen by the surfers. For those of you who like to surf and choose the beaches on the island of Lombok, then you can choose the following beaches to surf:
1. Tanjung Aan Beach
This beach is also one of the best destinations for surfing. Beginner surfers, can feel the waves that have a height of about 1-2 m. You can also enjoy the waves here, coupled with a beautiful panorama around the coast.
2. Senggigi Beach
The name of Senggigi Beach must be familiar to our ears, because this beach is a very interesting tourist spot. But Senggigi Beach is also one of the surfing spots in Lombok, which is much sought after by surfers. The waves are high and friendly, the reason why surfers like to come to the beach.
Another addition is the beautiful panorama on Senggigi Beach, complete with stunning sunset points.
3. Selong Belanak Beach
This beach has a very long coastline and is also broad and gentle. The waves that occur on Selong Belanak Beach are also very interesting. Because the waves are not too high, and the sloping sand bottom is very suitable as a place for surfers, especially for beginners. In fact you can also find several paid trainers, who are ready to teach, train and assist you in surfing.
4. Seger Beach
Other surfing spots that can be selected are the Seger Beach. Because this beach has incredible potential. With a beautiful panorama, surfers will also like to surf on this beach. Seger Beach is a destination for wave hunters, because the waves are high and difficult to conquer a challenge for them.
5. Mawi Beach
Another beach that can be one of the best places to surf is Mawi Beach. But surfers who come to this beach, more surfers abroad than local surfers. Because the waves are very challenging, so more and more chosen by foreign surfers.
6. Desert-Point Beach Bangko-Bangko
This beach is located in the Sekotong Region of West Lombok. This beach is known as the beach that has the best left-hand waves in the world. It has even been named directly by Aussie Tracks Magazine. Unfortunately access to this beach is still inadequate, infrastructure and lodging are still fairly minimal.
But this beach is the most suitable beach for surfing, all the shortcomings that are owned by this beach are paid directly with the extraordinary waves. So for those of you who have become reliable surfers, don’t hesitate to try surfing at Desert-Point Beach Bangko-Bangko.

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